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Good article by Alex MacCaw.

Thorough tutorial for this new CSS layouting by Greg Smith.

Nice overview of the possibilities of using CSS3, SVG, Canvas and WebGL for animation today.

Primary research in the field of CSS by Hugo Giraudel over at Codrops. It may have no direct implications for your work now but someday it may resurface as uniquely useful.

Alex MacCaw writes about CSS custom filters, autocomplete API, Google Chrome Apps, ECMAScript 6 and Web Compotents.

Title says it all.

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Just in case…

Nice tutorial over at CSS-Tricks.

Over 800 pages if you are interested.

A marketplace for premium Bootstrap themes and templates.

Nice things happen when standards come up.

Looks usefull.

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Nice overview how to code for high pixel density (160 PPI and up) displays.

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Nice work by Kiandra team.

Jetstrap may be useful.

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Nice presentation on CSS animation by Dan Eden.

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Informative article over at A List Apart by Peter Gasston takes you through relative size units, viewport-relative lengths, calculated values and more.

Funny illustration by Kevin Cornell included.

Hakim strikes again, now with 3D menu concept. Just move your cursor to the left side of the page.

Eric Bidelman, senior developer programs engineer on the Google Chrome team, presents some practical uses of what’s possible with HTML5 and CSS3 today, including the CSS Flexible Box Layout Module and the HTML5 Filesystem API.

Good list, you may find some other resources in my Zootool bookmarks. Also, try searching “responsive tutorial” etc.

Great tutorial by Mary Lou of Codrops.