More on regular expressions than you thought there is.

Picked by Jake Bresnehan.

Nice demo of what different properties of CSS background do.

Rodney Rehm for Smashing Magazine:

This article is packed with a number of quirks and issues you should be aware of when working with CSS3 transitions. Please note that I’m not showing any workarounds or giving advice on how to circumvent the issues discussed. Alex MacCaw has already written a very insightful and thorough article on “All You Need to Know About CSS Transitions.”

Nice article about the classic dropdown menu problem – the one with the mouse cursor path. Even better, the post ends with a jQuery-menu-aim thingy :-)

I should read this, maybe you want too.

Nice overview by Harry Roberts.

Via @sixrevisions

Thorough tutorial for this new CSS layouting by Greg Smith.

Nice tutorial over at CSS-Tricks.

In terms of images, the goal of web app developers is to serve the best quality images as efficiently as possible. This article will cover some useful techniques for doing this today and in the near future.

HTML5 Rocks Tutorials

Informative article over at A List Apart by Peter Gasston takes you through relative size units, viewport-relative lengths, calculated values and more.

Funny illustration by Kevin Cornell included.

Eric Bidelman, senior developer programs engineer on the Google Chrome team, presents some practical uses of what’s possible with HTML5 and CSS3 today, including the CSS Flexible Box Layout Module and the HTML5 Filesystem API.

Combining typefaces is tricky so this post by Aura Seltzer on Typekit blog may come in handy.

The application cache manifest (ACM) offers developers a way to make their apps work offline, reduce bandwidth consumption, and load pages much faster. Local storage and WebSQL databases are also great ways to cache data on the client side, and this post will talk about the pros and cons of using each.

Great interactive tutorial

…for new Git and GitHub users to try both the tool and the service without a single bit of software installation.

Great tutorial by Mary Lou of Codrops.

Good article by Patrick Cox of Codrops, about these elements of pricing page:

  1. Separate packages
  2. Make your offer stand out in the crowd
  3. Clear, honest and attention-grabbing type
  4. Benefits comparison
  5. FAQ’s
  6. The left-to-right/right-to-left debate
  7. Trust

Not much organized but just scroll through these nuggets and I bet you will find something interesting.