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As Ryan tweeted, this really is “condensed years of blog posts and project experiences into a 30-minute talk.”

So. Good.

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The Web has radically transformed who can create, what we create, and how we create. It’s also changed the nature of what can be shared. This talk will examine how the byproducts of our creative work can have a tremendous impact, and will discuss how being open by default has the power to change the world.

“Fasten your seatbelts”, 15 minutes of business insight.

Apple is going into fashion industry in a big way. I have my doubts about the utility of the watch just yet, but utility may not be the most important job-to-be-done here. It will be interesting to watch the progress of this thing.

What if we designed a new kind of “maker space” — a space that isn’t just for putting pieces together, but also for seeing and understanding a project’s behavior in powerful ways? — Bret Victor

Mobile is dead.… Web & apps are both wrong.

— Matias Duarte, Head of Design at Android

I like Matias’ point of view.

The Gap by Ira Glass. Video made by Daniel.
I’ve published it a while ago together with another great one by Steve Jobs.

Very nicely done two part series. First part about energy and second about information.

Probably best documentary on it I’ve seen to date.

You can buy it on iTunes if you are not in Czech Republic as me, where I can’t. Stupid right holders.

Rest of the Everything is a Remix series

In this great documentary series, Jack Turner shows us the surprising depth of knowledge the ancient civilizations held.

Personal, honest, funny, touching, inspirational.

Love how he starts his “bicycle for our mind” schtik again to tell it better. Marketer through and through.

I find it fascinating that almost 25 years later we are still in the process of integrating computers to our lives and business and that’s even when the right vision was there. Some things just take time because people have to change their thinking and that’s most effectively done by generation change. Also, the vision has far deeper implications than we thought.

The interviewer is woefully unprepared unfortunately. I am surprised Steve put up with him for so long. Well, he was in the wilderness back then.

Ryan Singer is from 37signals and writes also his blog.

There’s a YouTube playlist by The Fuqua School of Business with seven short videos (about 3 minutes each) from interview with Apple CEO.

You can play them all here.

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