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It’s Hakim‘s project so you know it will be good.

Brad Frost from CreativeMornings/PGH.

In reaction to this I would say: In an age, where 90% of everything is crap and therefore attention is expensive, focused and well targeted Less is more.

Via @signalizer

Nice overview of the possibilities of using CSS3, SVG, Canvas and WebGL for animation today.

I was fortunate enough to get to talk at Future of Web Apps + Future of Web Design double conference in Prague. First, I would like to thank to Future Insights (previously Carsonified) and personally to Cat Clark for the trust in me to give me the speakers wild card.

Bellow are my slides and complete text of my 30 minutes speech. I spoke from memory so I have probably digressed on a few places. Also, please, forgive any typos or grammatical errors I’m basically posting my notes and I had no time to do thorough proofreading.

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You know I’m big fan of Clayton Christensen’s disruption idea, this video is about much more personal strategy.

Clever man Horace Dediu and his presentation on Mobilism 2012. You are listening to his podcast Critical Path, aren’t you?