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From the Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner:

Adam Lashinsky, Fortune senior editor-at-large, shares an insider look at Apple, one of the world’s most iconic and secretive companies. Based on his research into the technology giant’s internal processes and approaches to leadership and building products, Lashinsky offers insights and surprises from his book, Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired–and Secretive–Company Really Works.

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Granted, it is a preview and the real version should ship early 2013, but if it looks anything like this then Microsoft is crazy.

One comment from the guy doing the video made me laugh:

Obviously, you can see it’s not entirely optimized for a touch experience… but it is there.

Let me paraphrase that: Obviously, you will feel like throwing the thing against the wall in 5 seconds, but for some perverted reason it is there.

That’s what a disrupted company does.

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Nice presentation on CSS animation by Dan Eden.

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As Jason Fried put it: “Grid looks like very original thinking”.

Documentary on teaching and design by Inge Druckrey produced by Edward Tufte.

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This so cool: Valve helps you create animated movies.

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They haven’t released the whole interview yet but there are more short videos on D10 page. Once they put out the whole interview I will replace this highlights one with it. Meanwhile, you may be interested in the transcription of the whole thing.

Thought provoking 15 minutes speech by Joe Kraus (you may find transcription of the speech there).

I agree that we have to fight back distractions. It was Einstein who famously said:

It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.

I strongly believe that focusing on a given problem for a long time is the only way to great solution.

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Nicely delivered point, that resonates with jobs-to-be-done approach.

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